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NJSFAA- C.26: 3D-55


New Jersey's Smoke-Free Air Act of 2006 ensures that workers have a safe, smoke-free workplace and that all nonsmokers -- including children and senior citizens -- can breathe smoke-free air in public places.

Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard that can lead to illness and premature death in children and non-smoking adults, according to the U.S. Surgeon General. As New Jersey’s Smoke-Free Air Act states, it is clearly in the public interest to prohibit smoking in enclosed indoor spaces.

The law is an important part of New Jersey’s effort to eliminate exposure to second and thirdhand smoke.

In 2010, electronic smoking devices were added to this law. Electronic smoking devices are also prohibited in public places.

Most recently (2017), NJ parks and beaches were added to the locations in which smoking and use of electronic smoking devices is prohibited. 

The Smoke-Free Air Act requires that a "No Smoking" sign be prominently posted at every public entrance and properly maintained where smoking is prohibited. Signs must also be posted in areas where smoking is permitted. The Breathe Easy Signs pictured to the right can be requested below. 

Breathe Easy Sign - Tobacco and Marijuna_Cannabis.jpg

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